Our Ingredients

We don’t take life too seriously in the Caroboo office, but there are a few things that we were just not willing to compromise on; the type of packaging we use and our ingredients!

Clever carob! Carob is a bit of an ugly duckling - a brown pod that is grown in the Mediterranean that has a mild, sweet chocolatey taste. It's full of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and no caffeine.

We use mass balanced Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa butter – this means the farmers get paid fairly.

Where possible, we have chosen organic ingredients. Organically farmed ingredients and sustainability go hand in hand and that is important to us! Our creamed coconut and organic coconut sugar is sustainably farmed in Indonesia and through our supplier, we also help empower female coconut farmers – cool right?!

Our Packaging

We know that ultimately, it’s down to our customers to get rid of our wrappers responsibly, but we thought, instead of just giving you the option of a bin, why not make things a bit more fun and let you know that you can throw our Caroboo wrappers in your food waste bin or on your compost heap. Our wrappers are plastic free!


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