Our Story

On a family trip to Australia in 2017, Charlotte and Darran (the founders) accidentally came across a carob based snack whilst hiding from the rain in a health food shop with their very upset one year old daughter. Sometimes business ideas come to you in the most random of ways. Charlotte couldn’t actually shake the idea of bringing this type of product back to the UK and thought….

Could we make something ridiculously chocolatey, without any dairy or refined sugars, to rival the taste and smoothness of milk chocolate?’

Ever the supportive husband, Darran absolutely humoured Charlotte whilst she learnt the art of chocolate making but with a new ingredient – carob!

Once the concept was tested and trialled on every friend and family member possible, the reaction was unanimous. We had something that was special and something that we absolutely had to run with and that is exactly what we have done!

We are so excited to be sharing our Caroboo journey with you – bringing carob to the masses and spreading some of our ridiculous start up life stories along the way.


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Here we are... team Caroboo. We're a beautiful bunch of people who want to make a difference in the gluten free and vegan chocolate market. We believe we have a product that you will love. We're also totally open to hear from you and find out what you like and love about our product. 

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