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Ways To Use Your Caroboo On Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, the 5th of November. It is such a wonderful night to celebrate. Surrounded by your friends and family, all wrapped up warm and watching some beautiful displays of fireworks light up the skies. Bonfire night is fast approaching and the best part about it? (except the fireworks) is, of course, the delicious food that is available. Here are some new and exciting ways you can incorporate your Caroboo bars into some bonfire inspired deliciousness. 

Smore For You!

You can start with a classic; Smores! roast some marshmallows (like these vegan Marshmallows by The Conscious Candy company) on the bonfire and pair with some biscuits and a piece (or 2) of Caroboo. It will make for a tasty treat and will show everyone just how much Caroboo is a great swap.

Add A Bit Of Spice

Did you know that adding a piece or two of chocolate to a Chilli Con Carne dish can make the depth of the flavours stand out? Why not try it with your Caroboo bar and see if it can be used in savoury meals as well as sweet.

Candy Apples All The Way

After Halloween, candy apples are still a firm favourite and a great thing to have on bonfire night while you stand and stare at the beautiful display of explosions before your eyes. Melt down your Caroboo bars, cover an apple with it and decorate as you wish. You could do it with nuts, dried fruit or sprinkles. Send us your creations over on our socials :) 

Whatever you do this bonfire night, remember to stay safe, eat Caroboo and have fun!

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